Acorn Society

We’ve all heard the saying, “Mighty oaks from little acorns grow.”

That concept remains true today. Small amounts – the acorns – intelligently invested over an extended period of time result in a substantial amount of assets – the oaks – available for use in the future.

The Acorn Society was established to provide a way for donors to build meaningful permanent funds over time- funds that will support important community needs even after the donor’s passing. Upon reaching $5,000, an endowed fund will be activated and charitable grants may be made from the earnings of the fund in perpetuity. The donor will choose a name for the fund, perhaps their own or in memory or honor of someone else.

A $250 contribution is required to establish the fund and monthly payments of $85 will be expected after that initial payment. These may be made by check or by electronic transfer.

Every year, a portion of the cumulative growth from the Acorn Society funds that have yet to reach an endowed level, will be set aside in a special account. Members of the Society will then collectively advise the Foundation as to how these funds should be expended in community grants. Once a fund reaches the endowed level, the growth on that fund will begin to accrue to that specific fund and not be passed to the special fund.

Call the Foundation to learn more about establishing your own Acorn Society Fund.