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The Challenge Match Initiative grew out of a need to help local not-for-profit organizations raise unrestricted operating dollars more efficiently. It quickly became a means to help organizations strengthen their development functions and a fun way for donors to express which charities are most important to them. Perhaps most importantly – at least from the Foundation’s perspective – the
Challenge Match became a very positive and highly-visible way to encourage charitable giving in our community.

Participating organizations are given the opportunity to secure a dollar-for-dollar match from the Foundation, up to a specified
match goal, based on qualifying gifts they receive from the community in a designated period of time. There are no restrictions on
the use of the money raised and very few limitations on qualifying contributions. “Bonus Bucks” allocate unclaimed match dollars to those organizations that exceed their goals.

The program was piloted in 2011 with very few participating organizations and a relatively limited scope. In the years that have
followed, the initiative has been characterized by greater numbers of participating organizations, increased funding from the
Foundation and its Match Partners, and more dollars raised in the community. Despite some operational changes along the way,
the Challenge Match remains focused promoting philanthropy and helping grantee organizations develop fundraising best practices.

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