Each month, the Foundation will highlight a donor whose gifts are making a difference across Wayne County. For the month of May, we had a chance to speak with Tim Scales. In addition to his tireless work at Indiana University East, Tim is the founder of two funds with the Wayne County Foundation: the ACTION Fund and the BOSS CEO Legacy Fund. We asked Tim to share a bit about why he gives – check out the full interview below!

What motivated you to establish the ACTION fund and the BOSS CEO Legacy fund at the Foundation?

The inspiration for the ACTION Fund (A Childs Time In Our Neighborhood) came as a result of a marketing class I was instructing.  We would meet on Saturday mornings at the Boys and Girls Club of Wayne County as we discussed community organizations and engagement.  We decided to create a one-day campaign to raise money to support children who may want to join the club, yet may not have the funding to do so. 

We were able to raise over $3,000, and we knew the best place to have the funds managed would be the Wayne County Foundation, so we set up the account.  Over time, the funds decreased as the club grew and children needed assistance.  Each of the following years, I would write a check to assure there would be funding for the program. 

One day the Executive Director of the Wayne County Foundation, Rebecca Gilliam, came to me and suggested I endow the fund.  This seemed like the perfect way to ensure the ACTION Fund would carry on beyond my ability to fund it.  I offered a 30-day match challenge, and we successfully raised the money for the Tim Scales ACTION Fund. Now, over 50 individuals can utilize the fund annually.

The Wayne County Foundation has impressed me so much with the management of the ACTION fund that I knew I would like to do additional endowments. 

I began the Tim Scales BOSS (Business Opportunities for Self-Starters) CEO (Cash Equals Opportunities) Legacy fund.  Again, following a conversation with Rebecca, I was excited to create this fund as a donor directed fund for our community. 

I feel very comfortable knowing I can work with the Wayne County Foundation to advise contributions while providing the staff with a record of what my contributions include.  This will allow the Foundation a better way to continue my legacy beyond my abilities.

The reason I knew about the Wayne County Foundation is because, growing up in Richmond, I had two mentors who were very strong supporters of foundations.  My mentors, Charles Rodefeld and Roy Ridge, influenced me in making sure I have a comfortable life, yet always thinking of helping in our community.  Each of their legacies live on with me, and I am excited that my legacy will continue with the support of the Wayne County Foundation.

Why do these causes matter to you? What makes you passionate about them?

Each of these funds are established to ensure good for our community.  Things are not always easy and sometimes organizations need a little help.  I really like to help organizations, and individuals, that I feel are making a difference in the quality of life for the people in our community.

What do you hope to accomplish through your giving?

With the ACTION fund, I enjoy watching the Boys and Girls Club grow with their programs.  I have visited the club and worked with several of the programs and the students.  It is rewarding to see the impact the club is making, and I have great comfort in knowing I have a small part in making a difference in the life of a few of the students.  My mentors made a significant difference in my life, and this is a way I can carry the mentorship forward.

The Tim Scales BOSS CEO fund is a great way to work with the Wayne County Foundation to create a legacy while also enjoying part of my legacy.  My mentors, Charlie (as I knew him), and Roy, believed in the Wayne County Foundation, they influenced me well and I am keeping their legacies through mine.

What do you wish more people knew about philanthropy and giving?

It’s not the amount you give, sometimes it’s just giving what you can.  There are ways to pull small amounts together to make a larger impact.  Giving brings a lot of self-satisfaction to knowing what you are doing to help other individuals and the community. 

Are you interested in starting your own philanthropic journey? Visit our Ways To Give page to learn how you can give back to create a better future for Wayne County!