Giving Circles

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Giving Circles

The Collective Impact of Giving

Women Helping Others Women’s Giving Circle

In November 2007, the first Women’s Giving Circle was formed at the Foundation by female philanthropists who sought a way to learn more about the needs of their community and to fund solutions. Through regular meetings, the members learn about local nonprofits benefitting women, children, and families in Wayne County. Armed with this information, they award grants to select organizations at the end of the year.

During its 11 years of giving, the Women Helping Others Women’s Giving Circle has awarded over $65,000 to 19 different organizations. In addition to those grants, members also used a portion of their gifts to establish the Women’s Giving Circle Endowment Fund which will assure their mission is carried forward if the Circle ceases to exist. The endowment currently boasts assets of nearly $14,000.

Girls Just Wanna Give CircleGirls Just Wanna Give Giving Circle

Kristi Herig was looking for a meaningful way to give back to her community. When she learned about giving circles, she knew that was the solution. Together with friend Stephanie Bell and sister-in-law Brandi Jackson, she formed the Girls Just Wanna Give Giving Circle in 2014. The Circle’s mission is to promote healthy living for families in Wayne County, a cause that is near to these young mothers’ hearts. Although still young, the Circle has already granted nearly $12,000 to six organizations that meet that mission.

Now with twenty members, the Circle has exceeded their expectations in the way it has helped them fund projects and in how it has brought women together around a philanthropic purpose.