So Many Ways to Give

There are a number of ways to give through the Foundation and a variety of ways to structure new funds. Some funds help address pressing social and human service needs throughout the county, while others provide scholarships and help promote a range of educational opportunities.

There are permanent (‘endowed’) and temporary (‘pass-through’) funds. These are funds established for a specific purpose, organization, or to be used where the need is greatest. Essentially, a fund at the Foundation can be set up for nearly any charitable purpose and can honor a donor’s particular interests.

The Foundation is also well-suited to facilitate gifts of real estate or business interests. Additionally, we can assist with annuities and legacy gifts that often are part of a donor’s estate or tax planning.

And, because the Foundation is a public charity, most gifts qualify the donor for a charitable tax deduction.

The Many Ways to Give...
Types of Gifts

Securities – With appreciated securities, donors can often be more philanthropic than they ever thought possible. Consider donating securities to a fund established with the Foundation. You will receive the maximum tax deduction for the securities’ full market value and enjoy a five-year carry over if the amount is larger than you can use in one year.

Legacies and Other Plans – Under certain circumstances, providing for a gift in your will or life insurance policy can create a larger charitable fund than might otherwise be possible with your current assets. The Foundation is experienced at handling even the most complex bequests. With the Wayne County, Indiana, Foundation Inc. (our legal name) as the irrevocable owner and beneficiary, the premiums paid on an insurance policy are tax deductible gifts. (Check with your tax adviser to confirm tax deductibility.)

Real Property – You can donate all or part ownership in your real estate to the Foundation, and establish a permanent fund with the income or sale proceeds from the property. After carefully evaluating your property, we can advise you on how best to contribute the real estate.

Business Interests – Did you know that you can convert some or all of your ownership or interest in a privately held business to support your philanthropic purposes? Through the Foundation you can sell your ownership back to the business, a family member, or another purchaser. Proceeds from the sale create a permanent fund. The Foundation will help evaluate the property, qualify the sale, focus your philanthropic goals, and fulfill your charitable wishes in the future.

Cash or Credit – Perhaps the simplest way to give, and one that can provide short-term tax benefits. You can make your gift by mailing or dropping off a check at the Foundation building, or by making a gift using your credit card through our secure donation portal.

Honor and Memorial Gifts


When a friend or loved one dies, many people find solace by doing something positive, something that will benefit others and carry on the good name of the deceased. Similarly, there is joy in honoring someone who has made a difference in your life or one who means a great deal to you.

A memorial or honor fund can be established by a spouse, friend, a group of co-workers, or anyone who wishes to honor someone – living or deceased. The fund is named for that person and is dedicated to a fitting purpose. It becomes a permanent living legacy that will always have great meaning.

Endowment Funds

An endowment fund is a living memorial that can carry your family name. It creates a pool of charitable assets that provides enduring charitable support. Endowments may be started by an individual, a corporation, or a specific community. Donors may choose one of five ways to have their contributions administered:

Unrestricted – The donor allows the Foundation Board of Directors the freedom to respond to emerging needs within the community.

Donor Advised – The donor may suggest possible grant recipients to the Foundation each year.

Field of Interest – A field of interest fund allows the donor to direct their giving as narrowly or as broadly as they choose. The donor may specify an area of interest – such as the arts, education or health care – but leaves the selection of the specific recipients to the discretion of the Foundation Board of Directors.

Scholarship & Award – The donor outlines the criteria for receiving these funds and the Foundation works with the Honors and Awards Committee of the schools involved to assure that the donor’s wishes are met.

Transferring Your Foundation Assets to Ours


If you are a trustee of a private foundation and find your job getting too difficult to manage, you can transfer your foundation into the Wayne County Foundation. By transferring your assets to the Foundation, you can be assured intelligent grant-making will continue in the name of your foundation for generations to come. And, because we are a public charity, the excise taxes levied against private foundations are not applicable. We also take care of all the governmental paperwork, so you are left with the comfort of knowing that your foundation’s work will continue in perpetuity as intended.

You may also transfer part of your foundation’s assets to the Wayne County Foundation by establishing a fund at the Foundation and arranging for part of the year’s current income to be contributed to your fund. The arrangement can continue indefinitely, allowing the trustees a chance to become familiar with us until they are ready to take full advantage of the Foundation services.

Through the Wayne County Foundation, donors have the opportunity to preserve and strengthen the community we all cherish.

The information presented here, correct at the time of publication, is subject to change. Please consult your financial advisor before making any decisions regarding charitable contributions to this or other charities.