Legacy Society

For more than forty years, the staff at the Wayne County Foundation has helped generous individuals and families create lasting legacies that benefit the community.

The Legacy Society is comprised of those individuals who have made the decisions to benefit the community through an estate gift to the Foundation and who have notified the Foundation of their decision. A simple declaration of your intent is all that is required. No confidential details need be disclosed.

Members of the Society are recognized in a beautiful wall-mounted Magaw sculpture in the Foundation’s office lobby, the Foundation’s annual report, and at special events held in their honor. Additionally, society members have access to special tax planning resources and periodic events to explore the finer points of charitable gift planning.

We invite you to become a member of the Legacy Society – the Foundation’s family of donors whose legacy will enrich our community today, tomorrow and forever.

Donors may also choose to make their gift anonymously, without public recognition.

Three women, each with a passion for helping others

There are so many ways to give… as a Challenge Match donor, a supporter of the Women’s Conference, through the Giving Circles, or in honor or memory of a friend or family member. Vikki, Joan, and Pat give in different ways but with the same purpose: helping others.

Read how their unique gifts are making a difference today, tomorrow, and forever.


Vikki Johnson

Even as a child, Vikki Johnson loved performing. Some of her earliest memories are of watching American Bandstand and dancing with her Aunt Helen. In grade school, she performed in plays. In high school, she was actively involved in choir, drama, and the Northeastern High School Damsel squad. You could say performing was ‘in her blood’. Giving is also part of her life and that is why in 2007, she created the Vikki Johnson Performing Arts Fund as an Acorn Fund. Acorn Funds allow donors to create an endowed fund over time.

The fund was endowed in 2012 and made its first distributions in 2014. “When I got my first appreciation letter from the grateful staff, I was over the moon! I was able to make a difference in my community, supporting organizations which I am so very passionate about,” Vikki said.

To keep the fund growing, Vikki continues to make gifts into the fund in celebration of life’s happiest moments – like the birth of her grandchildren – and for no reason at all. She also asks that, in lieu of gifts, those wishing to celebrate her birthday or Christmas make contributions into the fund.

“Making that fund grow and providing further support to the arts is very important to me,” she added. “I would encourage others to find something they truly can get involved with, and find a way to support it – without getting anything but a thank you in return.”

Joan Martin

After Joan Martin’s parents were both gone, she searched for a meaningful way to remember them. She found that solution in the form of a scholarship established in Jackson County, the community where they had lived most of their lives. When, a few months later, the Lilly Endowment offered matching dollars for new funds that were established at the Wayne County Foundation, Joan took advantage of the opportunity to create a fund that would benefit the community in which she lived. She used her gift to create a Charitable Gift Annuity that guarantees her an income for life, and, at her passing, helps support local nonprofit organizations.

Her gift also triggered a match from Lilly that created a fund to support the Foundation’s unrestricted grant-making. In addition, it had an immediate tax benefit, provided a lifetime income, and resulted in a long-term funding stream that provides grants in the community.

Pat James

Pat James started her own insurance agency and continually works to keep it successful. And, while she knows it takes hard work to get ahead, she realizes that it also takes a little help along the way. That is why, in 2006, she made the Wayne County Foundation the beneficiary of her life insurance policy that will eventually establish a fund to benefit women in the community.

I set up this fund because I want to give other women in Richmond the opportunities that I have had to build a career. I hope this will be a blessing to women who need a little assistance as they live and work in our great area.

Pat currently supports numerous organizations that assist women but, by making the Foundation the beneficiary of her policy, she ensured that her passion will be funded even after she is gone.

Legacy Society Members

Anonymous Donors

*William F. Adler

*Frank and *Mary Alice Adney

Tom and Sheryl Alberts

Charles Ball

*Charles and *Joan Bartel

*Chris Benton

*Tom and Jo Bivens

*Byron Bond

Steve and Jill Borchers

*Willard G. and *Jane Bowen

*Clay and *Opal Brooks

*John and *Mary Brubaker

*Zelma Bozworth

*Clarence Brown

*Florence Bultman

*Melba Dawn Chiarenza

*Thomas Coffin

*William J. Cramer

*M. Glenn Cross

*Fred and *Alice Crye

*Mary Louise Custer

*Eunice E. Dare

*Mildred Dreyer

*Julia Downs

Jim and Penny Duke

*Tom and *Annadell Ebbinghouse

*Hub and *Zella Etchison

*Edward Fath

Jon and Judy Ford

*Al and *Loraine Gentry

*Leroy and Barbara Gohn

*Kenneth Goodwell

*Gilbert Gray

*Francis and *Earla Gregg

Roger and Connie Green

*Roscoe and *Rosa Haindel

Chris Hardie and Kelly Burk

*J. Ross and *Natalie Harrington

*John and *Pat Harlan

*Frank and *Madeline Hensley

*Anna Belle Henthorne

Tom and Mary Heyob

*Mary E. Hill

*Mike and Carol Hinshaw

*Martha L. Hoffman

*John Charles and *Gertrude Hubbard

*Eileen Hunt

Ron and Rachel Hughes

Jon and Suzette Igelman

*Marie Ingabrand

Pat James

*Elizabeth Jay

*Mary Hatfield Jenkins

Vikki Johnson

*Vic and *Faye Jose

*Charles Kienzle

*Marlowe and *Pat Kluter

Edward and Carolyn Lafever

Daryl and Terri Lane

*Nora Lee Latture

*Fern Lee

Paul and Pat Lingle

Sally McNeill

Barry and Carolyn MacDowell

*Henry and *Ruth Macy

Joan Martin

*Ruby Fender Martin

*Charlie Matthews

*Maxine Matthews

*Marjorie Meredith

*Donald McKinney

*Mary Helen Miller

Ernie and *Betty Mills

*Antonio Mitrione

*Steve and Andrea Mosey

*Bill and *Becky Niersbach

*Marian H. Niswander

David and Beverly Nixon

*Robert O’Maley

*Alicebelle Parry

Sherry Petry

*Henriette Pierson

John and Bess Place

*Abram Phillips

*Ruby Ellen Phillips

*Mary Elizabeth Powers

*Marvin and Becky Railsback

*Willam H. Reller

*Daniel G. Reid

*Vera Reynolds

*Roberts Rhoads

*Erma Rich

*Roy Ridge

*Moreta Ballinger Rinehart

*Ruth Hamilton Robbins

*Frank and Joyce Roberts

*Charles Rodefeld

*Jeanette Rodefeld

*Will and *Emma Rodefeld

David Rodgers

*Hugh and *Sara Ronald

*Bob and Jane Rosa

Allan and Miriam Rosar

*Peter and Jean Rossi

George and *Mary Schmid

*Karl and *Marjorie Sharp

*David Sherick

Siri Shinn

*Elizabeth Smelser

*Glen and Jewell Spears

*William Starr

David and Carla Stidham

*Laurence Strong

*Catherine Binkley Thomas

Don and Heidi Thurston

*Glenn Veal

*Joan Vigran

*Stanley Vigran

*Wayne and Jane Vincent

*Harry and *Marilyn Voyles

*J. Rollf and *Miriam Wadman

Colleen Walter

Patricia Waskom

Darrell Watt

*Patricia Wedding

David and Tammy Williamson

*Lura Carnes Wine

*Anne Withers

Carl and Connie Wooldridge

*Frederick Wood and *Mary Couch Wood

Janet Wortman

*Doris Wyatt


*Indicates those we remember