Legacy Society

For more than forty years, the staff at the Wayne County Foundation has helped generous individuals and families create lasting legacies that benefit the community.

The Legacy Society is comprised of those individuals who have made the decisions to benefit the community through an estate gift to the Foundation and who have notified the Foundation of their decision. A simple declaration of your intent is all that is required. No confidential details need be disclosed.

Members of the Society are recognized in a beautiful wall-mounted Magaw sculpture in the Foundation’s office lobby, the Foundation’s annual report, and at special events held in their honor. Additionally, society members have access to special tax planning resources and periodic events to explore the finer points of charitable gift planning.

We invite you to become a member of the Legacy Society – the Foundation’s family of donors whose legacy will enrich our community today, tomorrow and forever.

Donors may also choose to make their gift anonymously, without public recognition.

Legacy Society Members

Tom and Sheryl Alberts Carol Hinshaw Dave and Beverly Nixon David and Carla Stidham
Steve and Jill Borchers Jon and Suzette Igelman Shari Petersime Don and Heidi Thurston
John and Elsa Catey Pat James Sherry Petry Marty and Beth Van Der Burgt
Roxie Deer Vikki Johnson John and Bess Place Patricia Waskom
Mike Devine and Kathy Lucid Dick and Sherry Kirschner Joyce L. Roberts Darrell Watt
Jack and Sandra Doyle Ed and Carolyn Lafever Lowell and Kathleen Robinson Dana and Jean Weigle
James and Penny Duke Daryl and Terri Lane David Rodgers David and Tammy Williamson
Jon and Judy Ford Paul and Pat Lingle George and Brenda Rohe Carl and Connie Wooldridge
Barbara Gohn Joan Martin Miriam Rosar Janet Wortman
Roger and Connie Green Ernie Mills George Schmid
Chris Hardie and Kelly Burk *Steve and Andrea Mosey Siri Shinn

*Indicates those we remember