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Bill and Marilyn MartisBILL & MARILYN MARTUS

Ruth J. Wickemeyer Award Recipient
For Community Service


Bill and Marilyn Martus have more than a vision for improving their community. They have passion that is put into action daily.

One of their passions is the Richmond Day Nursery (RDN). Marilyn serves on the organization’s board and, during her tenure, has twice served as its president. She has provided leadership with financial decisions including grant-writing, creating the organization’s budget, and providing guidance for the annual internal audit process.

According to her nominators, Marilyn holds the board and the Executive Director to very high standards when it comes to spending but is fair on voting for things that will improve services, staff morale, and quality of care. Together, she and Bill provide hands-on help with the facility’s repairs to assure the organization’s maintenance costs remain as low as possible.

Marilyn has also served on the boards of the Richmond Art Museum and Genesis of Richmond, as the first female president of Forest Hills Country Club, as a volunteer at election polls, and as a volunteer for the Community Kitchen. Together, she and Bill have volunteered at the Boys and Girls Clubs for over twenty years and serve Richmond’s Catholic community in a variety of ways.

In addition to his volunteer work at RDN, Bill served on the Economic Development Corporation of Wayne County board for many years, even stepping in as interim President/CEO at various times. He has also served on the Richmond Symphony Orchestra and Perfect Circle Credit Union boards and annually serves as a volunteer at election polls.

In their letter of support, one nominator wrote, “Bill and Marilyn breathe hard work, sound advice, and caring hearts into every organization they dedicate their lives to.” It is for these, and many others reasons, Bill and Marilyn Martus were chosen as the recipients of the Ruth J. Wickemeyer Award for Community Service.



Ruth J. Wickemeyer Award Recipient
For Community Service


Named for the Foundation’s first Executive Director, this award recognizes paid or volunteer not-for-profit leaders who personify exceptional service to others in the name of community progress. Ruth is perhaps best remembered for maintaining the highest ethical standards and expressing true appreciation for even the smallest contributions.

Candidates must demonstrate a history of significant service in the Wayne County not-for-profit community, an unswerving commitment to the highest ethical standards, and evidence of articulating a vision for community improvement by their leadership and/or significant accomplishments.


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